Marko Lenz

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  • 30 DirectWave presets for stock FL Studio plugin will save your CPU
  • 100 high-quality one shots made from analog synthesizers
  • Add new ideas to your samples with 110 Phrases and Accents
  • Use 30 Thermal presets to make your instruments sound better
  • 30 amazing Portal presets to create unique sound
  • Only 500 copies are available for purchase

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You don't need expensive vsts

In the "CHROMIUM" Creative Kit, you can find a unique preset from my DirectWave bank. DirectWave is a stock plugin for FL Studio that will replace Analog Lab and save your CPU. These presets match perfectly with all the One-Shots from this kit, and you don't need to spend time on sound selection. These Presets and One-shots modify your samples and offer unique sound variations.


The most important feature of the "CHROMIUM" CREATIVE Kit is the 110 Phrases and Accents it contains. This collection will help you overcome your sample block and be more productive in less time. It's really easy to use just find one you like and drag it into your arrangement. There are lots of analog, ethnic, and synth ideas.


Phrase 1

Phrase 2

Phrase 3

Phrase 4

Phrase 5

Phrase 6

Make your samples sound more unique

Perfect for adding textures and weird sounds to your samples, I have prepared 25 Portal and 25 Thermal presets for you. Suitable for creating loops in any style.